Bullying & Harassment

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Bullying and harassment are unacceptable behaviours that affect far too many workers in the cultural and creative industries

Research indicates that 46% of workers in the film and television sector across the UK reported being bullied at work1, twice the rate of the workforce in the wider economy. In advertising, research indicates 26% of the workforce have been sexually harassed, 72% of this group of people report having been harassed more than once2. In music, research shows that 48% of musicians report having experienced some form of sexual harassment at work and that 85% of victims did not report it3. No abuse towards any individual is acceptable. Women, young workers, freelancers, and people working extended hours are particularly vulnerable. The cultural and creative industries has a duty of care to act.

Abuse can come from anyone, and can be particularly challenging if it is from a well-connected individual holding powerful positions; people who experience abuse can be afraid to speak out and experience rejection and challenge within industry if they raise concerns. There is a need to rebuild trust in the industry, to provide avenues for reporting and for industry to act when incidents are reported.

Everyone has the right to a safe and harassment free workplace.

Here you can find information, advice and support from across the cultural and creative industries that will help you to combat bullying and harassment for good.

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Discover how industry is addressing bullying and harassment 


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