Creative UK-supported Distortion Studios’ permanent virtual production studio opens this month

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There’s a lot of excitement here at Creative UK with the upcoming launch of Distortion Studios’ permanent virtual production studio in Bristol, which is going to be the first in the creative hub of the South West.

Creative UK welcomed Studio Giggle into their Creative Growth Finance portfolio with a £500k investment in the Summer of 2022 and it has been a exciting period of growth for the film and animation studio which produces extraordinary content and events from their Bristol Paintworks-based studio. Distortion Studios has grown out of animation house Studio Giggle, and is led by Giggle’s Managing and Creative Director Jonathan Bridgen.

Brigden said: “We’re thrilled to have set up our studios in this great city in the South West.  Situated on the junction of the M4 and M5 and 10 minutes from Bristol station, we are based in an incredibly viable and accessible location for up-to-the-minute production for the entire country. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, the benefits of VP are simply infinite. We can’t wait to show how our top of the range technology, highly-skilled team of engineers and artists and this unique space can change productions and their budgets forever.”

The 200m2 studio was created with funding from Creative UK and in partnership with iMAG Displays, and includes an 11x4m curved LED Volume, ROE Black Pearl 2 V2 LED panels, 2x2x3m wild wall mobile led panels, 2x Stype RedSpy tracking system, Stage Precision, Pixera Media Servers and Brompton processing.

Hannah Long, Portfolio Manager at Creative UK, added: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been a part of this journey with Studio Giggle and see the development of their brand new state of the art virtual production studio, Distortion Studios, in the vibrant City of Bristol. Jonathan, Steve and their team are such a talented and friendly bunch and a delight to work with. We are proud to have them in the Creative Growth Finance portfolio and I cannot wait to see the exciting projects that lay ahead.”

You can find out more about this launch in Broadcast Now and Variety.

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