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The UK Creative Industries:

  • Have a GVA contribution of £125bn – representing almost 6% of the economy.
  • From 2020 to 2022, the sector’s GVA grew by over 19% and 175,000 new jobs were created.
  • Export £46bn of goods and services annually, representing 14% of all UK services exports.
  • The sector is growing at a rate that exceeds the national average by more than a factor of three.

…and create jobs in all UK nations and regions

  • Creating jobs at three times the UK average, employing 1.8 million people across the UK


  • Over 70% of creative businesses report not having enough finance – and 62% believe their growth is restricted by lack of funding.
  • Self-employed workers make up 28% of the Cultural and Creative Industries workforce in the UK, compared to 14% of the wider UK workforce.
  • The Creative Industries account for 6% of the UK’s GVA, but receive 1% of research funds.