Creative Enterprise Launches Audiobook Version of the One Thing I Know Vol.2

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Creative Enterprise is thrilled to announce the release of the audiobook edition of the inspirational book One Thing I Know Vol. 2. Narrated by the talented voices of Dan Pye and Katie Rand, this audiobook version brings the transformative journey of entrepreneurship to life in a captivating and engaging manner. 

Creative companies are driven by passion. Most founders set out with a mission to produce inspiring work – not to wade through spreadsheets – but the business still needs running. While there’s plenty of advice around to help, it doesn’t usually focus on the specific issues faced by creative companies.  

One Thing I Know provides heard-earned insights from 33 creative entrepreneurs. Many have been there and done it before, others are still on the journey, picking up useful insights as they go. They all come from the world of TV, Film and video games – with many of them blending those media as the technology evolves. Their articles consider some of the critical business challenges they have faced and explore how they have tackled them. Separated into six chapters – Vision & Realities, Audience & Buyers, Creativity & Dedication, Growing Pains & Opportunity, People & Culture and Money & Focus – One Thing I Know is an essential source of inspiration and reassurance for anyone pursuing a similar path. 


Available to listen now on:  


Produced by Always Audio & Creative Enterprise | Narrated by Dan Pye and Katie Rand. Supported by the BFI with the funding from the National Lottery  

You can find links to the audiobook as well as a digital download of the written book here.