Creative Enterprise Unveils the Foundations 2024 Cohort

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We are thrilled to announce the Foundations 2024 Cohort! This cohort comprises of 20 dynamic and visionary entrepreneurs who are charting new frontiers in film, TV, games and immersive productions. Spanning across five months, the programme is designed as a transformative journey including intensive workshops and personalised mentoring sessions. This comprehensive blend of learning opportunities ensures participants are equipped with the skills, insights, and strategies necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of setting up and leading a creative business.

As the programme unfolds, participants embark on a transformative journey, armed with the skills and strategies needed for sustainable growth. With a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs and expert mentors, the Creative Enterprise Foundations programme promises to be a catalyst for growth or these amazing companies. innovation and success in the creative industries.

Now, let’s meet our new cohort!


The Foundations 2024 Cohort:

99p Films CIC – Alex Fish

99p Films all about bringing people together through the power of social cinema!

Social cinema is our signature style of screening documentary content, incorporating mindful breathing, social discussions, and communal feasts. All of which increase our audience’s awareness and educate us in environmental and social issues happening right now. Our screening events ultimately connect and build a stronger community, offering positive solutions that can be achieved collectively.


Bart Films – Anna Botka

BART FILM is a London-based production company dedicated to bringing international film and television projects to life with a distinctly British flair.

The company was founded by Anna Botka and Sean Browne who first met on the set of the BBC show BAPTISTE. With their ambitions being equally far reaching, they soon concluded that their collaboration shouldn’t end on wrap, but start by registering Bart Film in August 2020. Drawing on an extensive network of contacts built over many years spent at the grass roots of production, extensive traveling and sometimes just chance encounters, the company is equipped to produce content that resonates with audiences globally.


Bird in Hand Productions – Ben Woodsmith

Bird in Hand was founded in 2013 to produce films of unusual stories well told. The company is run by Ben Woodsmith (Director and Executive Producer) and Tiff Woodsmith (Creative Director)

We develop and create scripted film and scripted and unscripted television. Our narrative stories have focused on difficult tales told in an accessible way. We have a strong track record in backing exceptional talent. We have a consistent history of working in partnership with BFI, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Paramount among others.


Fam Films CIC – Michelle Pascal

Celebrate, create and inspire!

Fam Films brings together the Black community in spaces where they can celebrate, create and be inspired by black content from the UK and beyond and for the wider community to enjoy.

The organisation’s vision extends beyond mere representation; it seeks to empower Black creators to flourish and redefine the landscape of British television and film. Recognising the gatekeepers’ influence, Fam Films CIC aims to bridge the gap between diverse content and those who hold the power to amplify its reach.


Films Not Words – Helen Tither

Films Not Words is a production company making documentaries in Manchester. We make films we believe in, promoting northern talent and voices on and off screen. We are on a mission to do documentaries differently, with fair pay for crews in the north and greater representation of women on and off screen. Set up in 2023, we are currently in production with our first documentary film, ‘The Corinthians: We Were The Champions’ about a forgotten female football team who fought the FA ban to become global champions.


Fribbly Games – Stuart De Ville

Fribbly Games Studio is the creation of three very talented and driven game developers with a rather wild set of backgrounds!

Firstly we have serial entrepreneur and longtime game dev with 10 years experience in the games industry and a further 10 years in the creative industries before that, Stuart De Ville our Founding Director and Game Designer.

Ex-Hotelier turned growth marketing expert, squiggly career queen Roxanne has a passion for storytelling, and offbeat, engagement-focused marketing strategies. Roxanne is also our Producer.

Former digital marketing professional turned game developer, Gianluca is a designer and programmer driven to craft emotive experiences that leave players curious, captivated, and engaged.


Glam Rock Films – Sarah Michelle Durrant

Glam Rock Films is a female led production company specialising in storytelling for artists and individuals within the music industries. Memorable live performances, insightful documentary films and compelling narrative music videos. Glam Rock Films gives your sound a face and visualises your stories in music in the ways you imagine with a little added Glam Rock Films sparkle.


Lost Wanderer Games – Annabelle Afful

Established in 2023, Lost Wanderer Games is a London-based indie game studio. We are dedicated to crafting immersive gaming experiences that resonate through meaningful storytelling. As we expand, our commitment to innovation and creativity drives us to create narratives that reflect the diverse world around us.


Our House Pictures – Ashleigh Ashley

Our House Pictures is a professional service and production company founded by Ashleigh Ashley and Daniel Evans ACO. Our core mission is to provide bespoke film & tv production services with a pragmatic focus on innovation and inclusion.

With a growing slate of scripted, un-scripted and multi-disciplined projects which push boundaries conceptually & technologically, OUR HOUSE is the place brands and commissioners will want to come to tap into new talent, innovative production techniques and conscious work practices.


Pocket Dimensions – Quentin Darras

Pocket Dimension is a creative studio focused on multimedia production, especially but not limited to immersive experience and virtual reality.

Public Display of Affection – Fozia O’Dowd


Public Display of Affection develops and produces narrative, story based moving image across all platforms and immersive creatives spaces.

We are an emerging Indie with a unique voice, a testing ground for new ideas from international talent which echoes the voices of a generation lost by social ambiguity but still yearning for visibility.

We develop and make both original IP stories as well as strive to be a place for adaptation of novels by young authors from the global majority.

We aim to create fan audiences through thoughtful and playful work bringing nuanced content that positively affects a broad spectrum of viewers across all genres.


Resolute Productions – Gaby Richardson

Founded by Gaby Richardson, Resolute Productions is determined to create new and divergent narrative storytelling for all actors and creatives. They produce short films, showreel scenes, online and live theatre shows, and workshops. Gaby is fuelled to support as many creatives as possible to develop their skills and advance their careers, whilst creating unique screen projects with a track record of success for everyone they work with.


Retro Manni – Manjeet Gill

Creating mesmerising worlds inspired by 80’s nostalgia and retrofuturism.


Rooscreen – Becky Rooney

Rooscreen is a Midlands based production company with over 30 years experience in TV and film, in a range of genres. Our philosophy: to make brilliant films with lovely people.

We centre values-based filmmaking, with social impact at its core – both in front and behind the camera. We’re interested in inclusive stories that educate and entertain, stories told with honesty, sensitivity, and humour. Along the way, we nurture new and emerging talent, and help to make changes so the industry works for everyone.


Ruth Mariner 

I’m a creative director and narrative designer, creating story-driven experiences within immersive technology (extended, virtual and augmented reality), and video games.

My background is as an award-winning writer and director in opera and immersive theatre. Career highlights include Creative Director of the BBC Dream Prom, as well as writing & directing roles for Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Opera House & English National Opera. I have created experiences for museums & communities including The Museum of London, The Eden Project & British Red Cross. My projects have been featured on BBC Radio 3, ITV and Channel 4 news.

I now create experiences on the intersection of theatre, video games and film. As a narrative designer, I interweave narrative with other media in ways that elevate the unique qualities of each form, creating powerful storytelling experiences. As a creative director, I use my love of bold concepts and my understanding of environmental storytelling to create impact and immersion.

Recent clients include XR Stories, indie game studio Idoz & Phops, and Aardman Animations.


South Westerly Games – Katie Squires

South Westerly Games is an independent game development studio, based on the south coast of England. We are a fledgling company, created as the foundation from which to develop our first game, Nine Rounds Rapid. South Westerly Games currently consists of a small, creative and dedicated team inspired and fuelled by our belief in Nine Rounds Rapid, which is set for release in Q3 2025.


To Do List Productions – Jo Schofield

To do List is a company that specialises in screen industry-focused coaching, consultancy and creativity. We develop original underrepresented stories for platforms through our IP, but do this with social impact at the heart of our work. Our work embodies the belief that talent and stories deserve a fair and equitable chance to be seen, regardless of background or barriers. The stories we develop are at their heart universal but under-represented, and we work with communities to ensure authenticity, outreach and impact form part of the process. We are also passionate about nurturing talent and emerging voices from all backgrounds and do this through our coaching, mentoring, and consultancy work to wider industry.


Turnover Films – Yvonne Ibazebo

Turnover Films is passionate about telling Global Majority stories with compelling themes that resonate with an international audience. Often female led, always smart and with a dash of humour Turnover is developing film and TV projects set in the UK and abroad with various broadcasters and production companies. Completed projects include Two Single Beds, a short written and starring Daniel Kaluuya for Film 4; A Story of Bones, best documentary nominee at Tribeca which was broadcast on PBS; and Rye Lane, critically acclaimed feature which premiered at Sundance as is BAFTA nominated for Best British Film.


Vital Culture UK – Tanya Vital

Vital Culture UK is an award-winning creative agency, that designs cutting-edge immersive entertainment experiences, helping brands and artists reach audiences in innovative ways. Bringing together tech solutions with performance-led narratives and broadcast quality approaches, we deliver epic and intimate experiences: online and IRL.


Wild North Productions – Mark Bradley

Wild North Productions is a collective of storytellers and change makers. Through film, they bring authentic stories to life that resonate with audiences and spark conversation. Their goal is simple: to create content with purpose, inspiring action and positive change. Based in Yorkshire, they are fiercely proud of their northern roots; shining a spotlight on untold stories of the region and creating opportunities for emerging talent to thrive.




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