Creative UK partners with Zerofy for a more sustainable future

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Creative UK is excited to announce the launch of a partnership with tech start-up Zerofy, a UK-based sustainability and decarbonisation software platform. Zerofy will support our organisation’s mission to realise our Planet pledge, placing sustainability measures at the core of our business and creative operations.

Based in Bristol, Zerofy works with SMEs to help them understand their carbon footprint, establish corrective actions to reduce this and supply knowledge, tools, and partners to enact swift positive change.


Zerofy’s Bristol Team: Hannah and Ben


The partnership follows a successful pilot programme where key staff and management across Creative UK have worked closely with the Zerofy team, developing tools and content designed specifically to empower SMEs to improve their sustainability profile throughout their company. This will enable Creative UK to reduce their carbon emissions in line with their carbon neutral target.


Caroline Norbury OBE, Chief Executive at Creative UK, said: “Our partnership with Zerofy is a pivotal step in Creative UK’s efforts to establish ourselves as a carbon neutral company. Our organisational Planet Pledge commits us to building a greener sustainable economy through creative innovation to find sustainable solutions in the Creative Industries. As an influencer of change in the sector, we demonstrate our commitment to investing in sustainable innovators, decarbonisation measures and securing a carbon-conscious future for our industries. Through support and corrective strategy from the Zerofy team, we are thrilled to be steering our organisation in a greener direction, hopefully inspiring others in our network to do the same.”


Charlotte Roocroft, People & Operations Coordinator at Creative UK, added: “Care for the planet is at the forefront of our organisational priorities, we were keen to get started auditing our Carbon Footprint and beginning our mission to carbon neutral as part of our SME Climate Pledge.

Zerofy helped us begin this journey and supported us every step of the way. Conducting a carbon audit was our first step and a comprehensive process. Zerofy were invaluable in their support and advice with this project and I’m looking forward to the next steps, implementing their sustainability action plan and partners, across all our business areas.”


Ben Peacock, Co-Founder of Zerofy, said: “We have been working closely with Creative UK to tailor the Zerofy platform around their needs. The platform has been built from the ground up to help SMEs understand the impact of their carbon emissions across the business and to give them the tools and knowledge to bring rapid change across their entire organisation.

We are now at the exciting stage of implementing the Zerofy platform into the Creative UK teams and we will be continuously monitoring the positive impact of their decarbonisation actions, Zerofy will report Creative UK’s Carbon reductions and share their journey to their carbon neutral target.”


Zerofy has benchmarked Creative UK´s current emissions to identify our carbon hotspots and prepare for the coming reporting requirements. The new platform provides a unique carbon reduction strategy linked to corrective actions. This is supported by innovative sustainability partners. Via this platform, we have full control and transparency of our decarbonisation journey and ambitions, and we’ll be sharing our progress and successful solutions with you along the way.


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