Creative UK appoints two new young Board members

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Creative UK has announced the appointment of two young members to its Board of Directors, each bringing fresh insights, energy and perspectives to the Board’s already extraordinary mix of talent from across the Creative Industries. In recruiting two members between the ages of 20-25, Creative UK is underlining its commitment to ensuring emerging creatives are represented and their voices heard, increasing awareness and understanding of what really matters to young people in the sector. 


Isaac Huxtable joins the Board in September, and Jack Pepper joined the Board last month. Isaac is a freelance writer on Art and Photography, as well as a curator for the international art agency Artiq. Jack is one of the UK’s youngest commissioned composers, and one of the UK’s youngest-ever national radio presenters, known to Scala Radio listeners for his weekly Saturday show, Jack Pepper’s Culture Bunker. 


Their appointments are for an initial term of one year, with the option to renew for a second term. Isaac and Jack will each be paired with a Creative UK employee and accredited coach to support them in their work, as well as receiving guidance from their fellow board members, all leading figures within the creative sector. 


Caroline Norbury OBE, Chief Executive, Creative UK, said: “I am delighted to welcome Isaac and Jack to the Board of Creative UK. They have both shown they are incredibly passionate about supporting the Creative Industries, and have already gained an impressive amount of experience and knowledge during their careers in the sector to date. At Creative UK we’re here to harness the power of creativity to build a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous future, and the next generation of creatives will be at the forefront of that future. It is therefore imperative that we provide a platform for young people to meaningful contribute to boosting the Creative Industries and actively contribute to shaping their direction.” 


Isaac Huxtable said: “I am excited and proud to join the Board of Creative UK. By joining the Creative UK team I hope to continue my work with art, artists, and creatives, celebrating their successes, whilst tackling the myriad of issues we face across the sector. My interest in joining the Board came from both a love and a concern for the UK creative sector, particularly regarding the experiences of young practitioners. Through this position, I hope to join Creative UK’s push for a fairer, stronger, dynamic, and more inclusive creative industry.” 


Jack Pepper said: “I’m delighted and proud to be joining the Board to help represent the youth voice and emerging creatives at a key time, post-pandemic. I’m especially keen to highlight the value and validity of a creative career, the importance of a strong arts provision in schools and of suitable job training to ensure young people are properly equipped for work. Creative UK is a vital connector and champion of this innovative, world-leading, financial powerhouse of a sector, and I’m excited for many conversations and collaborations to come.” 


Read more about the full Creative UK Board.

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