How investment has helped our business to grow: the view from a Newcastle digital agency

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Digital Marketing agency, Venture Stream was founded by Vic Morgan in 2014 and sought investment from Creative UK to help accelerate its growth in 2022. In the video below, watch Venture Stream CEO and Founder, Vic Morgan explain how funding from Creative Growth Finance and the North of Tyne Culture and Creative Investment Programme has supported the company to expand its reach and commitment to people-first strategies. 

In the video, Vic explains how “almost from the start the [Creative UK] team was helping to open some doors for us… Literally the day that the investment completed with Creative UK there were already some referrals being made.” 

Vic also shares his company’s experience of initiating a four-day week to support the wellbeing of his workforce and the importance of choosing an investor that is truly aligned with his business.  


Discover the investment opportunities available through Creative UK.