Huey Games CEO on the investment that helped them take the next step

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Manchester-based developer, Huey Games is a breakout success whose growth has been supported by investment from Creative Growth Finance (CGF). After forming the company in 2016, Huey’s three founders published their first IP, Hyper Sentinel with funding from Kickstarter and later created their own porting services engine, HueyCore, enabling independent games developers to publish across multiple platforms. A few years later, Huey was looking at a bright future but it needed extra support to move up to the next level. That’s when Creative UK became involved, eventually resulting in an investment of £235,000 from our flagship debt fund, Creative Growth Finance. We caught up with Rob Hewson, CEO and Creative Director of Huey Games to learn more.

Prior to applying for the CGF loan Huey Games had been through two business support programmes run by Creative Enterprise – the sister organisation of Creative UK. In the video Rob explains how joining Evolve, the Creative Enterprise investment-readiness programme, bolstered his business knowledge and helped him to understand what kind of investment would be best suited to the Huey Games growth strategy. 

Creative Growth Finance is still open to new applicants and offers loans of up to £1 million to post-revenue businesses registered in the UK. If you have a scaling creative sector company that needs finance, visit the CGF page and try our online eligibility checker.