Screen Growth Programme

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Through this monthly, 10-part, open access programme we will walk through the different stages of owning and scaling a creative business in chronological order of growth, led by experts in the industry. Whether you are a creative individual considering starting a business, an early-stage start up, or a seasoned SME looking for investment or to scale, there is practical and helpful business advice for everyone.

Upcoming Events:

Writing a great pitch in 60 seconds

25th January 2022 at 10.30am

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In association with NatWest Business Builder, Creative Enterprise are excited to bring you this webinar on how to write a great pitch in 60 seconds as part of our Screen Growth Programme. During this session, we’ll give you the tools, tips and hints to write a clear, concise pitch for your business.

Sales and Pitching

25th January 2022 at 3pm

As an Executive Producer and consultant to independent producers and broadcasters, Mickey Rogers’ role has been to dramatically expand her clients’ business opportunities.She consults on strategic proposals; business marketing plans and assesses programming proposals with an eye to global demands. She has written a book on pitching and created an online course, How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch. She also facilitates workshops on marketing your products internationally, focusing stories to ensure they sell internationally and working with creators to hone their stories.Mickey was a founding partner in Forefront Entertainment, a vertically integrated company that produced and distributed long running dramatic series. She established the international distribution business and won numerous export awards for her success. Mickey has a stellar reputation internationally. With both a Canadian citizenship and UK passport and a knowledge of the global marketplace, she can finance high budget programs.Her programmes have won numerous awards including an International Emmy.The sales and pitching session will cover the 5 essential questions buyers are asking themselves as they listen to your pitch; how to build relationships with prospective buyers and how to close the 

You can register for this exciting workshop here.

Fundraising and investment

22nd February 2022 at 10.30am

Further details and registration link to follow

Exit strategies

29th March 2022 at 10.30am

Further details and registration link to follow

Past Events