The Big Creative UK Summit: Best Bits

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As our annual festival has evolved over the past three years, growing from the virtual Creative Coalition Festival to The Big Creative UK Summit, so too have our recurring sessions that pop up in our programme year after year.

These flagship events reappear so we can revisit vital conversations and have the opportunity to reflect on circumstances in the fabric of the Creative Industries one year on; to understand the changes that have been made and identify the ones yet to come. 

The Big Creative UK Summit is bringing some of these sessions back for 2024, but where have the discussions taken us so far?


The best of Sky Arts Hour 

The leading broadcast channel for the arts, Sky Arts, has been a committed partner of The Big Creative UK Summit since its inception. Their Sky Arts Hour sessions provide the breathing space between more weighty debates, presenting creativity in its rawest forms, from visual art to dance performances. These intermissions have a reputation for bringing the most experimental and accessible content to our audiences – we can’t wait to show you what we have in store this time.


2020Street Art Masterclass

Get to know the colourful history of graffiti and master the lettering styles of the craft. 


2022  – Street Art on Skates with Chris Pensa

A unique livestream street art tour with street art expert and exfigure skating champ, Chris Pensa. Whiz through the streets of East London as Chris discusses his favourite pieces of work.

Watch here


2023 Dance We Must  

In this interactive workshop, hear the story of two varied experiences of dance and the meaning that dance creates for each.

Watch here 


Expect more dynamic content from Sky Arts Hour at The Big Creative UK Summit 2024, with interactive opportunities!  

Use the exclusive discount code* FLASH15 to secure your ticket, and view the future of your sector from the summit. 

*Available for a limited time only until midnight on Friday 1 December 2023



Musician, Zachary Aghaizu, creates live and improvised music sampled from people across the festival, followed by a demo of the BOCLAA Augmented Reality app.

Watch here

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