Discover! Creative Careers: Eloise Singer, Creative Director & CEO

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Explore how Eloise Singer, Creative Director and CEO of Singer Studios, first stepped into the UK Creative Industries as she offers valuable insights to aspiring creatives.



What attracted you to a career in the creative industries?

I studied politics and international relations, and quickly noticed the power that media has in affecting perceptions and shaping perspectives across the world. Storytelling has so much power to incite change, I wanted to do that.

What was your pathway into a career in the creative industries?

I started working at Pinewood Studios, where I had the incredible opportunity to work on a plethora of productions including Disney’s “The Nutcracker,” Spielberg’s “Ready Player One,” and Netflix’s “The Crown.” Additionally, I studied production at the London Film Academy.

Prior to film, I trained as a chef which presented an unexpected opportunity in the creative industries, as I went on to work as a food stylist on projects like “Murder on the Orient Express.” Building on these experiences, I took the leap and established my own production company Singer Studios in 2017.

Since then, I have executive produced Billie Piper’s critically acclaimed debut film, “Rare Beasts,” I then produced, co-wrote and directed “Mrs Benz,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for The Three Lions.

Currently, I am involved in executive producing “The Last Rifleman,” starring Pierce Brosnan, as well as exec producing and directing “The Pirate Queen” voiced by Lucy Liu which recently won the Storyscapes award at Tribeca.

Would you recommend a career in the creative industries to the next generation?

Absolutely. It’s challenging, fast paced and can be tough but if you surround yourself with good people – it’s the best job in the world.

Why does the skills shortage in the creative industries need to be addressed?

The skills shortage in the creative industries needs attention because our collective success relies on a foundation of key skills and expertise. Without these, our ability to innovate, evolve, and create impactful content would be hindered. By addressing the skills shortage, we can ensure the continued growth and diversity of the creative sector.

Can you share a memorable experience from your creative work?

One of my favourite memories is from Singer Studios’ 6th birthday party this year. Watching all the people I love and work with in the same room celebrating how far we have come and what we have achieved was very special.

How does the creative industry allow you to express your unique perspective?

You chose which stories you want to tell. This autonomy and creative expression lets you contribute to a meaningful and dynamic landscape, enabling all of us to make an impact through storytelling.

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