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Creative Enterprise: Investment Readiness Programme is designed to equip screen companies with the necessary tools and knowledge for securing various forms of investment, ranging from equity to debt and grants. Our comprehensive program aims to foster a deeper understanding of each investment type, empowering companies to shape a robust investment strategy and optimise their funding requests.

We will empower the cohort to feel confident about the investment journey, and to better communicate the opportunity to the investment community.  We will also engage with investors already investing in the sector and with those interested in new investment opportunities; we will educate them about the investment opportunities within the creative sectors and will facilitate introductions.


Applications for Creative Enterprise Investment Readiness Open on Wednesday 3 January 2024 12:00PM


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Case Study – Huey Games

Huey Games are a beneficiary of our Investment Readiness programme (as well as our Scale Up) programme. Here, the CEO Rob Hewson talks about their journey to investment and how our Investment Readiness programme (previously called Evolve) has helped them reach their goals.


Investment Readiness Alumni 

When you’re developing your pitch, your company really changes as a part of that process because you’re really honing down your message.  There’s so many of these types of programmes out there – but this is probably the only one I’ve been on that I’ve actually found really useful.” 

Nidhi Gupta, Busy Doctor 

“I had the business intuition but I’m an artist, not a full-on businessmanso I needed help with that element of the job. Like: how can I grow the company? How can I get investment and put together an investment deck? It’s been super helpful so far.  I would never have known any of the stuff I’ve learned without the help of our mentor [Tim McSweeney.] His techniques about putting together an investment deck and how it should be presented are really interesting. He’s helped us put everything together in a really simple and clear way so anyone who sees our deck can understand it.” 


Emrah ElmasliMooncolony 

“It’s hands-down one of the best things I’ve been on.  It has taught us that we really need to narrow down exactly what we’re asking for, how we’re going to use the investment money, how we’re going to ask for it and what our story is.  It’s basically given us rocket fuel so we can triple what we’re already doing.” 

Andreas Firnigl, Nosebleed Interactive 

“I’ve been on a couple of other programmes that provide advice and information towards raising investment and growing a business – but one of the things that the Evolve programme and Creative England has is a good amount of focus aimed towards the gaming sector. Broader investment programmes tend to be quite generic.  What’s great about Creative England is they focus on screen, digital and creative businesses – and that way, I know there’s going to be a lot more direct help.”

Olly Bennett, Cardboard Sword 




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***Applications Open on 3 January 2024 12:00PM***


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