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Creative Enterprise: Investment Readiness Programme is designed to equip screen companies with the necessary tools and knowledge for securing various forms of investment, ranging from equity to debt and grants. Our comprehensive program aims to foster a deeper understanding of each investment type, empowering companies to shape a robust investment strategy and optimise their funding requests.

We will empower you and your business to feel confident about the investment journey, and to better communicate the opportunity to the investment community.  We will also engage with investors already investing in the sector and with those interested in new investment opportunities; we will educate them about the investment opportunities within the creative sectors and will facilitate introductions.



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What is Investment Readiness?

Our programme is about language and landscape; what is SEIS?  what is a term sheet? what is a good leaver versus a bad leaver?  We’ll help to demystify the language around investment and also the landscape – giving you a better understanding of the whole process and how it might work for you and your company.  

We provide companies with a clearer understanding of each type of investment and help them shape their investment strategy and get their ’ask’ right. 

We help creative businesses and investors better understand the other – so that both sides are better informed about what the other is looking for from an investment opportunity   


How do we do it? 

We’ll run a series of virtual and in person workshops covering topics around investment (Financial forecasting, legal process and due diligence, exit strategies etc..) 

Crucially, you’ll be matched to a mentor who will work with you intensively over the programme to shape your investment strategy, your deck and your pitch. 

We’ll introduce you to investors and we’ll run virtual and in person pitch events. 

We’ll work closely with the Creative UK Investment Team and also the UK Business Angels Association. 

What do you get out of the programme?

The usual outputs include:

  • Diagnostic report with plan for bespoke support  
  • Investment strategy 
  • Investment deck and pitch  

At the end of the programme you should:  

  • understand what debt and equity investment are and what the differences are – and most importantly what might be right for your business.
  • be confident about pitching your business to investors; know what it is your pitching and who you are pitching to 
  • be really clear about what you’re asking for and why.  You will have a future plan or even an exit plan and be able to communicate that in a coherent story that tells investors what the business is, and where it is going  
  • understand your business better internally.  The mentoring will really dig into each aspect of your business and through this process you will have more clarity about how to run your business. 
  • have received mentoring and 1:1 session over the course of 6 months, totally tailored to the needs of you and your business.  



Case Study – Huey Games

Huey Games are a beneficiary of our Investment Readiness programme (as well as our Scale Up) programme. Here, the CEO Rob Hewson talks about their journey to investment and how our Investment Readiness programme (previously called Evolve) has helped them reach their goals.


Case Study – Fallen Planet Studios

Fallen Planet Studios is an independent development studio based in Southport whose primary focus is the creation of immersive games and experiences for Virtual Reality.

‘A year and a half ago my plan was to raise £200K and I thought everything would be fine…to now, where I’m about to close a £1million round. It sounds ridiculous! It’s been a real change in mindset.”​ – Alex Moretti, CEO, Fallen Planet Studios 


  • During the programme, Fallen Planet raised £500K debt funding from Creative UK’s Create Growth Fund.
  • Three months after the programme, Fallen Planet also secured £500K private equity investment.​
  • The mentoring had a huge impact on Alex, “The idea of having someone dedicated to listen to where you’re at, reassure you along the way. And having that time, where I don’t feel like I’m encroaching on someone. The mentoring was the big big thing for me. I think everyone needs a mentor!”​​


Case Study – Tonba

Founder Diana Ellis-Hill took part in Female Founders with her existing Production Studio ‘Be the Fox’ (which she co-founded with Meg Price). During her time on the programme, she was introduced to Sara Strickland cofounder of marketing agency Suited and Booted. Together, alongside co-Founder Chris Kemp, all four combined together to set up Tonba in 2021.

​”The Investment Readiness programme gave us a framework, accountability and a structure to get us somewhere in 6 months that might have taken us a year on our own.”


  • I feel very warm towards Creative Enterprise, the programme has definitely helped me and I’m sure I’ve made money and expanded the team because of it.
  • The midway pitch in December felt like a really positive experience, everyone really rooting for us. There in a convivial environment rather than a Dragons Den environment.​
  • In April 2023, Tonba secured a £30K Creative Catalyst grant from Innovate UK


Fees & Eligibility

The fee for participation in the programme is £300 + VAT per company. 

Creative Enterprise is a BFI Lottery funded programme  – overall, the support including group learning sessions, coaching and personalised mentoring you receive during the Investment Readiness programme is valued at over £5,000 per person. There is also a bursary (contribution towards travel and accommodation) available for in-person sessions if needed.

If you feel like this fee is a significant barrier to your participation in the programme, please speak to Creative Enterprise team to discuss options.


The Investment Readiness programme is only available to screen businesses based in England working in or with narrative storytelling.  

Note: There is a possibility to self-fund a place for companies outside of England – please get in touch with us to discuss



Open applications: 8th January 2024 

Close applications: 16th February 5pm 

Diagnostics: 26th Feb – 21st March  


Workshop Dates: 

17th April: Kick-off face to face meeting: 

22nd April:  Mentoring kick-off

1st May 10am – 12pm  – Investment – Virtual Workshop 

15th May – SEIS/EIS -Everything you need to know

22nd May  – EBITDA and Financial Forecasting – Virtual Workshop

19th June –  Legal Process and DD – Virtual Workshop

Wednesday 3rd July – Midpoint In-Person Pitching Event in London (this includes networking with wider Creative Enterprise cohorts in evening)

[break in August]

11th Sept – In-Person Workshop  You’ve raised investment – now what?  (Governance, Board advice) and exit strategies 

19th Sept – Virtual Pitching 

25th Sept, 2nd Oct and 9th Oct  – Investor dinners 

16/17th Oct – Final Pitching Event

23rd Oct – Final group session



Any questions? Email our Creative Enterprise team.



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Should you have any access or communication requirements relating to our applications and guidance, then please contact the team at or 0333 023 5240. Subsistence contributions are available to assist with the costs of travel and accessibility of the programme. Funds are limited and at the discretion of Creative England.

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