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Creative Enterprise Foundations is an intense business development programme specifically designed to address very-early stage screen businesses including film & TV, games, animation, immersive, creative tech.

Applications for Creative Enterprise Foundations Open on Monday 6th November 2023 12:00PM


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Foundations Alumni

“I had loads of questions like “how do I expand upon this?” “How do I grow it?” You know, so these are the questions that went into the program with and yeah, I got, I got all the answers. So it was great to have that wealth of information at my doorstep.” Edd Coates, Game UI Database

“My business is now actually a business. It’s beyond the idea that I had. And it’s now a fully fledged business that’s got a plan, a business plan and clients and we’re actually moving forward.I have clarity, I have a vision, I have the business now. I’ve got an idea… It’s not just this pipe dream down the line thing that might happen. I have tangible steps how I’m going to get there. That’s fantastic.” Mikayla Sinead, Bridge Network Group



As a solopreneur, it was what I needed. I’ve had a great experience on the programme – meeting likeminded entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge and experience was so refreshing.

It can be tricky working without a co-founder as you’re in your head most of the time so speaking with my cohort was helpful. It allowed me to gain new perspective on an idea, reenforcing the knowledge I already have as well as gaining new insight into the industry. It was a very rewarding programme for me.

Audain Thompson, Hidden Kingdom

I’m so grateful to have been chosen for the Accelerate 2022 cohort. I gained important business knowledge and it also gave me the confidence in knowing that what I am doing in the industry with Inclusivity Films – a commitment to at least 50% d/Deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent cast & crew on every set – is feasible and that there are people out there who support this.

As a neurodivergent creative myself, I don’t find all spaces accessible but that wasn’t the case with the Accelerate group. I feel that with the support of Creative UK I can move forwards and make a difference in the Film & TV industry.

Sarah Leigh, Inclusivity Films


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***Applications Open on 6th November 2023***


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