Go POP CIC – Advance Case Study

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Jenna Fan, Director of GO POP CIC, started the Local Vocals pop choir in Ossett in 2017 to get more people singing, regardless of background and musical experience.

Over the course of the Advance programme, Jenna has attended Financing Creativity 2 day bootcamp, Tileyard Live Events Webinar and received 10 hours of mentoring with the Sensoria Festival.

We spoke to Jenna about her experience:

Tell us about your creative business?

Go Pop CIC aims to make choirs more diverse and better representative of the communities they serve by offering festivals and events to encourage more people to join choirs. Go Pop CIC also promotes the wellbeing benefits of group singing and encourages collaboration between groups.

How has the support you have you received from the Advance programme impacted your business?

Go Pop CIC was born out of the Advance programme. I was doing the work before as a sole trader but the programme helped me get set up as a CIC and this June we successfully ran an ACE funded festival.

Have you hired any new roles?

We’ve created work for a lot of creatives out of the CIC as well as opportunities for the public to get involved. Since we only have the one main event each year we don’t have full time staff, but use freelancers.

Have you applied for or received any funding or grants?

In June 2022 we successfully ran an ACE funded festival. We’ve applied for more funding for a two day festival next year, hoping to get that!


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